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Domino Project [クロアチア/日本] トーク&デモンストレーション
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短編映画「End Cycle(終の環)」18分/2017

企画・監督: ヴラディスラブ・クネジェヴィッチ
振付・出演: 川口隆夫

トーク: ヴラディスラブ・クネジェヴィッチ、川口隆夫

Short Film “End Cycle” (18 min / 2017)

Concept & Director: Vladislav Knevević
Choreographer & Performer: Takao Kawaguchi

duration 18 min
Talk with; Vladislav Knevević, Takao Kawaguchi


Organized by Domino
Supported by the Saison Foundation


Utterly reduced movability and tension of a physical body set in an abandoned factory plant. In an empty machineless space a human body is attuned to the working rhythm of archaic pulsation. Slow and hyper-controlled movements are trying to maintain cohesion, but the decay of upper layers demonstrates the unstoppable process of dematerialisation. Body positions point to the collective memory of physical structure of things disappearing in the intense cold of calculus. The traumatic position of corporeality is denuded in a circular, unstoppable motion towards a data conversion of the material world. Most of the sound segment in the film was the result of interventions on a sound recording of breathing during the performance without audience's presence. (Vladislav Knevević)


The film “End Cycle” is a collaboration with dancer Takao Kawaguchi and filmmaker Vladislav Knezevic. Their cooperation was initiated in 2016 during Takao's residency in Zagreb, Croatia. Takao Kawaguchi has been researching in recent years the ways in which intensity and speed of movement can influence the very act of watching and witnessing a performance. Takao had a presentation of “Slow Body “in 2016, then “untitled“ in 2017, an extension of Slow Body” collaborated with Ines Kesić, VJ-ing using video images by Vladislav Knezevic.

The film End Cycle and the performance “untitled“ based on “Slow Body” has influenced each other for this transformation between artistic formats of live performance and film. This is an experimental film that is connecting traditional movement, body image and experimental music in a post-apocalyptic landscape of the abandoned factory Gredelj in Zagreb. Gredelj used to be part of a factory of railway carriages founded in 1894 in Croatia that has been abandoned as a production site.


1967年生まれ。ザグレブのアカデミー・オブ・ドラマ・アーツ(テレビ映画監督学科)およびデン・ハーグのDe Vrijeアカデミー(オーディオ・ビジュアル学科)卒業。1988年以降、実験映画、ビデオ、サウンドプロセッシングに取り組む。1993年からは、フリーランスのディレクターとしてテレビにも従事。また、様々な映像関連事業、映画祭を主導、実施している。 2度に渡るクロアチア映画批評家協会最優秀実験映画賞(『Archeo29』2010年/『A.D.A.M』2014年)ほか、国内外での受賞歴多数。近年は、クロアチアのアーティストを紹介するテレビドキュメンタリー番組のキュレーター兼ディレクターとしても手腕を振るっている。


1996年から「ダムタイプ」に参加。2000年以降はソロを中心に、演劇・ダンス・映像・美術をまたぎ、舞台パフォーマンスの幅広い可能性を探求、他ジャンルのアーティストとのコラボレーションも多い。08年より「自分について語る」をテーマに『a perfect life』をシリーズ展開。その Vol. 06「沖縄から東京へ」で第5回恵比寿映像祭(東京都写真美術館、2013)に参加した。近年は舞踏に関するパフォーマンス作品『ザ・シック・ダンサー』(2012)、『大野一雄について』(2013)を発表。後者は16年秋の公演でニューヨーク・ベッシー賞にノミネートされ、18年現在も世界各地をツアーしている。最新作は『TOUCH OF THE OTHER - 他者の手』(2015 ロサンゼルス、2016 東京)、そして『BLACKOUT』(2018 東京)。

Vladislav Knežević (1967)
Graduated from De Vrije Academie (Audio-visual Dept.) in Den Haag. Professionally works as a freelance director for TV and various productions since 1993. He is into experimental film, video and sound processing since 1988. He has also initiated and organized several film programmes and presentations (Reference to Difference, Videodrome TV edition, 25 FPS International Experimental Film Festival).
A winner for his videowork Convergence at the Festival of New Film and Video in Split 1997. (jury president was Steina Vasulka ). He was representative for Croatia in film / video section at the Biennial of Young Artists of Mediterranean and Europe in Turin, Italy 1999. Twice winner of Oktavijan, award of the Croatian Film Critic's Association for best experimental film (for Archeo29 in 2010. and for A.D.A.M in 2014.) These films have in 2015. garnered awards at the Be Film Festival in New York, USA (best stereoscopic 3D A.D.A.M ) and Beyond 3D Film Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany ( best short for Archeo29). As a programmer and selector he organised several presentations of Croatian Videoart. Exwcutive producer and curator for series of art Tv shows called Videodrom which broadcasted 80 internationally produced experimental films. (2002-2004). Co-founder and selector (2005-2009.) of 25 FPS International Festival of Experimental Film and Video in Zagreb. Director of documentary New Tendencies which was presented at the Venice Biennial in 2014. Currently works as a curator and director on the tv project Nove Kolekcije in which Contemporary Croatian Artists presenting their works for television.

Takao Kawaguchi
Joined Dumb Type in 1996. Later went solo from 2000, and has since been exploring live performance crossing borders of theater, dance, visual image and fine arts, collaborating with artists of different disciplines. From 2008 he began solo performance series a perfect life, the 6th work of which was presented at the 5th Yebisu Eizo Festival at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in 2013. Recently he approached Butoh in The Sick Dancer (2012) and About Kazuo Ohno (2013). The latter was nominated for NYC Bessie Award in 2016, and currently touring around the world. Latest works include: TOUCH OF THE OTHER (Los Angeles 2015; Tokyo in 2016) and BLACKOUT (2018, Tokyo).

Fri Feb 16, 2018
7:30 PM - 8:45 PM JST
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